We offer complete maintenance services at a high international level. Our specialists have a dedicated mobile service equipped with professional tools and specialized measuring equipment. We provide services covered by the warranty and post-warranty. We approach every project individually and with due diligence. We share our knowledge, experience and professionalism with our customers ensuring safety and continuity of work of the operated equipment. We accept service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To meet the expectations of our customers, we sign a permanent service agreements, where we set the guaranteed times for response and repair.

The experts from our team specialize in the service repair and the supply of the following spare parts within:

1serwis Piston presses

  • Service of Bucher Unipektin A.G.
  • Spare parts of Bucher Unipektin A.G.
2serwis Drinking water packagers

  • Service of Aquapack Proffico
  • Spare parts of Aquapack Proffico
3serwis Centrifugal blowers

  • Service of Continental Industrie
  • Spare parts of Continental Industrie
4serwis Control valves

  • Service of Cla-Val
  • Spare parts of Cla-Val
5serwis UV lamps

  • Service of Wedeco
  • Spare parts of Wedeco
6serwis Water disinfectionsystems

  • Service of Wallace & Tiernan
  • Spare parts of Wallace & Tiernan
7serwis Mixers for wastewater

  • Service of Flygt
  • Spare parts of Flygt
8serwis Diffusers / aeration grids

  • Service of Sanitaire
  • Spare parts of Sanitaire
watersam Samplers / sampling stations

  • Service of WaterSam
  • Spare parts of WaterSam

Contact: serwis@proffico.com